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Predator IV Mirror Blind
Reflective Deer Turkey Hunting Blinds

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Predator Mirror Deer Blind Boedeker Plastics is an authorized distributor for "Predator IV" brand "mirror blind" reflective hunting blinds ... this is the ORIGINAL "invisible" deer or turkey hunting blind that hides hunters in plain sight!

Once you've seen a "mirror blind", you'll never go back to your old low-tech blind. Wild game will walk right up to your blind and never detect your hiding place. If you don't believe it, see the photo gallery below!

"Predator IV" mirror blinds are available in finished and assembled form or shipped unassembled in a box with complete instructions for assembly (in less than 1 hour per blind.)

The entire experience greatly beated any our expectations.

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The purchase price for a single mirror blind is $ 1025.00 (either assembled or unassembled), not including sales tax (in Texas) and shipping costs. They can also be picked up at our warehouse in Shiner, Texas. NOTE: Above purchase price is effective April 2009 and is subject to change without notice!

There's no match for quality and durability for these seasonal products. Call 1-800-444-3485 for availability and more information about this fine line of equipment custom designed for hunters and outdoorsmen.

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Mirror Blind Mirror Blind Mirror Blind Mirror Blind
Mirror Blind Mirror Blind Mirror Blind Mirror Blind
Mirror Blind Mirror Blind Mirror Blind

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